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Trax Electronics Inc. Press Release April 2022

 Trax Electronics Inc. is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with APIteq AS to establish them as an authorized distributor of our applied digitization solutions for the Middle East and Europe.


Trax is confident that this partnership, for these two geo-markets will provide a more tailored customer experience within the regions by offering more efficient, boots on the ground customer support, technical expertise, and customer service.

Trax and APiteq are both committed to providing continued exceptional customer service and technical expertise in all geo markets.  Our business philosophy and our suite of service offerings are equally complimentary.

Based in Norway, APIteq is a leader in advanced 360° Digital Twin & 3D Rig Scanning solutions to the oil & energy sectors and have successfully completed more than 70 oil & gas projects globally with industry leading customers like Equinor, Saudi Aramco and Shell, making them the ideal partner for Trax.

APIteq are equally excited to penetrate these two geo-markets with the industry standard for autonomous dull bit grading in the 3DRILL™ branded, grA+deAutonomous Dull bit Forensic Digitization System.

Trax’s alliance with APIteq, will result in optimized, AI enhanced, applied digitization solutions for drilling and completions operations from the Montney to the Permian, & now from the North Sea to the fields of Ghawar.

Customers can contact APIteq AS for any inquiries about Trax Electronics Inc. products and services as follows:


APIteq AS.

Per Eric Bergen

011 47 934 59 731



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