Offset Frac Monitoring Software

compliance Reporting Can be cumbersome

Meeting regulatory compliance, including communications, determining  IOW’s(Identified Offset Wells), emailing, logging and documentation tracking can be a daunting process and often incurs supplemental administrative costs.

Offsetting those costs, as well as improving overall reporting efficiency is quintessential to a streamlined corporate AER compliance strategy.

IRP24 Compliance
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Offset Frac Notification - Fracture Planning Zone

Compliance with regulatory requirements around hydraulic fracturing can be a complex, and time-consuming process. FPZ (Fracture Planning Zone) helps, by automating and streamlining the workflows involved, and managing the notification, tracking, and documentation requirements.


FPZ automates and streamlines the steps involved in compliance with partners & Offsets

  • Determining and laying out the fracture planning zone FPZ in 3D space
  • Determining IOW’s (Identified Offset Wells), using publicly available and internal datasets
  • Automatically communicating with offset operators via email
  • Logging, tracking and documenting offset operator responses
  • prevent frac hits