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Upgrading your Grading

“As we step into the 4th industrial revolution in oil and gas, digitization in all its facets is inevitable.  However, the data set themselves are not the critical catalyst, but more how the data is used” 

Objectives of IADC upgraded grade system:

  • Rework the IADC Dull Grade System Code set to better support root cause analysis
  • Eliminate or reduce the subjectivity inherent in the current system
  • Support human and automated bit dull grading systems
  • Create a digital storage format including searchable metadata allowing bit dull grading information to be used by real time automated drilling systems.
  • The digital storage format should also be capable to be used in machine learning tools, selection of next bit/BHA, parameter optimization, mud/formation interactions, as well as redesign efforts, etc.

Rig Activity Analysis: Valuable Addition to the Drilling Optimization Toolbox

“High frequency digital data (e.g. 1/10 second) offers the opportunity to go from the macro, to the micro, when analyzing drilling performance.”

- Ryan Schmitz, President CEO Trax
Uptech Drilling Optimization
dull bit grading - Seven Generations Presentation Gra+de

Automated Bid Dull Grading Analysis and Analytics System

“Automated Dull Bit Grading is the only way to ensure consistent and accurate measurements of the most important part of the Drilling system, the bit”

- Brandon Friess, Seven Generations, drilling Engineer

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