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Uptech Drilling Optimization

Rig Activity Analysis: Valuable Addition to the Drilling Optimization Toolbox

  • The importance of drilling optimization in unconventional resource development
  • What results have been achieved, so far?
  • What is rig activity analysis & how can it help?

“High frequency digital data (e.g. 1/10 second) offers the opportunity to go from the macro, to the micro, when analyzing drilling performance.”

- Ryan Schmitz, President CEO Trax

Automated Bid Dull Grading Analysis and Analytics System

  • Dull bit grading should be an important tool in reducing drilling costs
  • Data lacks accuracy, consistency, repeatability, and comparability
  • grA+de is an automated (human factor removed) system to ensure Data Accuracy

“Automated Dull Bit Grading is the only way to ensure consistent and accurate measurements of the most important part of the Drilling system, the bit”

- Brandon Friess, Seven Generations, drilling Engineer
dull bit grading - Seven Generations Presentation Gra+de

Trax Understands Digitization for your Drilling & Completions Operations

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