The grA+de, dull bit forensic digitization system, autonomously provides comprehensive dull bit grading of the drill bit down to individual cutter analysis and classification, using advanced robotics and a tuned algorithmic AI-enabled engine, all at the push of a button. The system is broken down into three parts.

At the push of a button the RAS (Robotic Autonomous Scanner) scans the bit. It has a certified repeatable accuracy in the order of 1/1000 inch (0.0254 mm). The RAS captures the bit using the highest fidelity sensor available and sends the digital renderings to the grA+de AI (Artificial Intelligent) algorithm engine.

The grA+de AI engine then generates a precise proprietary 3D visualization, and intelligently identifies individual cutters and blades, as well as defines wear profiles, types of damage, gauge, etc. to the latest digital IADC standard.

The output drill bit visualization can then be manipulated in 3D space in the grA+de 3D viewing software by all stakeholders. Data sets can be exported, manipulated, applied against EDR, lithology and other drilling metrics; to define forensic failure modes, define bit improvements and optimize drilling performance.

pdc dull bit grading gra+de
Digitize, Optimize and Mitigate Damage
in Drilling Operations
  • Produce digital dull bit grA+de autonomously, at the push of a button
  • Get all wear measurements, IADC characteristics, % diamond & cutter loss & export to CSV for forensic EDR data sets analysis & drilling optimization
  • Maximize drill bit performance

2.25 Bit Cracked Cutter Software Screenshot

grA+de dull bit forensic digitization system, uses robotic controlled AI enhanced photogrammetry, the science of making measurements from photographs. The input to photogrammetry is photographs, and the output is typically a point cloud map, a drawing, a measurement, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene.  
Trax has leveraged this technology and applied it to dull bit grading, resulting in highly accurate and repeatable measurement of individual cutter wear in PDC bits, as well as machine-generated base parameters for the IADC dull bit grading protocol