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Trax Story

Trax Electronics was Established in 2005 and is a Calgary-based company that has been a trusted adviser and consultant to industry leaders in the WCSB(Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin), boasting innovative partners such as  Seven Generations & Ulterra.

We pride ourselves on building integrated, customized, analysis and data driven solutions that can dramatically increase the efficiencies in drilling and completions operations for our customers and partners alike.

Our technical personnel are second to none in data analysis and machine learning automation for oil & gas.

drilling rig seven Generation Drilling Rig

What trax offers

Trax  specializes in the management and analysis of digital data to streamline workflows, improve efficiencies, and optimize performance. We achieve this with a mix of existing products, responsive support and customer engagement, which allows us to rapidly adapt our services to meet each client’s specific needs.  

Our systems are predicated upon leveraging the myriad of  data sources within each process, to generate a coherent set of tools that seamlessly display the data, facilitate collaboration, and simplify data interaction.

Trax KPI Drilling Peformance

Precision, Consistent Improvement for Optimized Rig States

grA+de Heat Map, dull grade scan

Trax Digital Bit Forensic Scanner

Built to Customer Specifications
Flexible and Useable

Fracture Notification Offsets FPZ

Trax Offset Frac Notification

Decades of experience, combined with Applied Technology maximizes Efficiencies

Trax is an industry trusted advisor

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