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Drilling & Completions

Trax Electronics has developed a suite of integrated tools to help visualize and analyze drilling and completions data, marrying human insight with machine capabilities to provide a hybrid optimization solution.

Each solution is tailored fit to the unique requirement of each of our customers.  Ensuring that they maintain their competitive edge.

pdc dull bit grading gra+de

grA+de - Autonomous Dull Bit Forensic Digitization System

Push button robotic camera system that autonomously builds a 3D rendering of dull bits, complete with legacy IADC grading, heat mapping & percent remaining cutter and diamond volumes

KPI Drilling Performance software - Trax

KPI - Drilling Performance Software

Big data rig KPI performance analysis and analytics software

Drilling Dashboard RADAR

Radar - Real Time Drilling & Completions Dashboard

Real time monitoring and alarm system for all field wellbore statuses

Offset Frac Monitoring Software

FPZ - Offset Frac notification

Automated AER(Automated Energy Regulator) compliance and monitoring system for 3rd party offset frac notification


Our Services

Trax is proud of its consulting firm heritage,  which is the proper foundation needed to catalyze the 4th Industrial Revolution through digitization of Drilling & Completions operations.  

However, with over a decade of consultancy and custom-built applications experience, we have not forgotten our roots.  The Trax advantage, is we will support the unique requirements of each individual customer in whatever capacity required, tailoring solutions to your operational specifications.  

We are not a fly by night App company, looking to capitalize on Oil & Gas.   We grew up oilmen, leveraging machine learning and automation.


We can assist in optimization of your drilling or completions applications

Custom Software

Software tie-ins, database management, ERP and drilling management software analytics and machine learning

Trax is Customer focused

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