Drilling Rig State Performance Software

Drilling and Fracking Operations are Complex

Recent technological leaps have resulted in terabytes of data being generated from today’s complex drilling operations.  Managing these datasets is a monumental task for companies; engineers can spend inordinate amounts of time trying to mine and analyze this data.  

However, those that are able to process this data efficiently, can reap significant rewards in drilling effectiveness.

KPI - Improving Drilling Performance through Analytics

Trax rig state KPI’s are derived from detailed drilling data (Hz) using AI-enabled algorithms to gather statistics on the duration of the various drilling operations. 

Trax KPI software has been used to analyze over 500 horizontal wells in the WCSB to date, resulting in substantial improvements in drilling consistency, performance, and cost.

Rig State KPI

  • Identify pacesetter performance and best practices in all functional areas
  • Standardize operations & improve consistency
  • Identify procedural &/or technology upgrade requirements
  • Build predictive Models
  • Use Machine Learning to improve next generations
  • Reduce Drilling Time & Cost