KPI – Key Performance Indicators

What is rig activity analysis?
Rig activity analysis involves the use of computerized algorithms to analyze drilling data at a detailed level (e.g. every 10 seconds), to determine what the rig is doing at each point in time. This data is then aggregated to report on a rig’s performance in the various functions involved in the drilling of a well.

What are the benefits of rig activity analysis?
Once the data has been analyzed for a number of wells, performance comparisons can be made; rig to rig, crew to crew, well to well, area to area, etc. These results can be used to:

  • Rank rigs and assess their relative value vs cost
  • Identify pacesetter performance in all functional areas
  • Identify best practices
  • Standardize operations & improve consistency
  • Identify procedural &/or technology upgrade requirements

What are some of the metrics that can be compared?
  • ROP
    • By bit
    • Rotating vs sliding
  • Tripping
    • Overall tripping rates, by trip
    • Pipe movement rates, by trip
  • Connections – drilling & tripping
  • Time in slips – drilling & tripping connections
  • Flat times during tripping